Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"You Mad Bro?" -- Yes. Yes I am.

I love you

Ok, I was in the process (If it wasn't for Google Chrome, I would have spelled Prosess lol) of writing a blog about Nadia Chumbipuma, which I will, after I get this out of my system.

STOP WITH YOUR STUPID INTERNET FADS. A.K.A (recently discovered) Meme's. I'm talking about the shit that doesn't even let me enjoy myself on a game cuz I have no-lifers in my mic going (constantly) "UMadBro? Aww, He Rage Quit." Stop. Here are more thing I wanna pop a cap into. (Did I say that right?)

1) LOLCats. Google it. Get sick of it. Stop it.
2) Trolling. The father of "You Mad Bro?" Yes, I am.
3) RageGuy. One awkward word, "FFFUUUUUUUUU"
4) RickRolling. It has died down. Thank god.
5) "O RLY?" Owl. Google it. Get nightmares of it. Hate owls forever.
6) The rat with the pancake on its head. What???
7) Rage Quitting. He quit because he was mad. Don't name it.
8) Shit...Say Videos. After adding ads to our videos? Really Youtube?
9) Over 9,000. My anger is over nine thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.
10) My Little Pony. Its a...you know what...Nevermind.
11) Planking. No comment....
12) Nyan Cat. What??
13) In Soviet Russia. In my mind, I kill you.
14) Chuck Norris. I don't get it. I wasn't BORN WHEN HIS MOVIES WHERE MADE.
15) Arrow to the knee. I don't know, I can't explain it. Google it.
16) FGSFDS. Used as a comment when you read something that makes NO sense. (Figgis- Fiddis)

I didn't think I could have come up with SIXTEEN. But there ya go. Theres way more that go back a LONG time. Like the All your bases are mine now or some shit like that idk.

Point is. They are pissing me off. Unless used correctly, then you might get a giggle out of me. (Not guaranteed.) That is all.

I love you