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Rumeria. Chapter Three.

Chapter Three. Just copying and Pasting. There's only 4 chapters.


Sorry, I said that it was going to be the longest, and obviously it's not. I had a major writters block near the end, cuz if everline gave the information then...well...this adds a twist and gives me more ideas. :]

Explination: Svendrall is MESSED UP. At the beginning, he knew she was safe and only allowed the panic to pain the soldiers, then why was he angry? Hes just messed up ok. He's beyond evil, and as it mentions, without a soul. [[so everyone thinks.]]

You can expect chapter 4 by next weekend. :] It's a routine I'm trying to focus on. Ok, enjoy.

Chapter 3.

"Lazy bastards"
Svendrall wasn't used to this kind of precision. He wanted his information, and he wanted it now. Sitting was not an option, and he had been pacing in the same spot for so long that his exquisite rug was starting to fade. His patience was running out, and if somebody didn't bring him the information he needed there was going to be a blood bath. Fire suddenly ignited on his hands, his eyes matching the burning flames color, and even thought he froze where he stood, his entire body trembled with intense anger. At that exact moment, head commander Huit stumbled through the 20 foot tall wooden doors of Svendrall's office. He fell onto his knees with a loud thud and didn't even take time to apologize. His breath came out in pants, and he was barely understandable.
"Sir, we got…the girl…one of our…soldiers…accidentally blasted her…she's alive but barely…my apolo-"
There was silence, but it didn't last long. The echo of Huit's body as it hit the floor was loud enough to frighten those listening outside the office doors. Scatter of footsteps was heard shortly after, followed by similar thuds. A smile crept across Svendrall's face as he mentally crushed each body. Blood oozed from underneath the giant doors, rolling down the uneven office's floor, until it poured into a hole created purposely for Svendrall's weekly soak. As the level of the nearly black pool increased, he relaxed. His chiseled chest expanded as he filled his lungs with the rusty smell of his innocent victim's blood. A rumble crawled up from Svendrall's stomach, urging for a taste of the pungent. It seeped through the cracks of his cupped hands as he scooped it up and held it above his head. Tipping them, the blood fell into his open mouth and glided down this throat. The rest overflowed down his body, eventually reuniting with what was now the knee-high pool of blood around his feet. The room was silent once more until it was broken by the rippling of miniature waves as Svendrall settled beneath the liquid. A low, bright flash appeared, and was gone before he could blink again. The expensive clothes that had only seconds ago been ruined with blood, now hung on a hook, brand new.
An ominous laughter escaped from him, as he thought about the pain and suffering that his now dead soldiers experienced when they thought they had blasted the only hope their side had of finally winning this war; And of the punishment Svendrall would deliver once he found out. The truth was that Everline was safely locked up in the castle's dungeon. She had been there since the moment she escaped from Ingrid's grasp. His thoughts turned, and the laughter slowly disappeared as he realized that his soldiers where no longer in pain…

This didn't make any sense…she had been there, he was sure of it. His body began to tremble once more with anger, causing his hands and eyes to burn with rage. His temperature rose beyond any normal humans should, and it seemed as though every vein within his arms and neck were visible. A gentle breeze blew past him, causing the fire to barely sway before it disappeared from his body. Svendrall snapped his head toward the direction the breeze had come from, then snapped it to where it had disappeared to, and a smile spread across his lips, exposing his perfect dentures.
He could now feel someone's presence near him, near enough so that his magic could affect them anyway. His hands floated in front of his body as he chanted a simple spell, and soon after, violet colored footprints appeared, creating a story line.
"Foolish female! Did you really believe you could outsmart me?"
As he spoke, his eyes traced the many paths the footprints had taken…it was obvious the young wizard had some confusion as to where to escape. The silence crept in slowly, the echo of Svendrall's deep voice blended into the darkness of the hallway. A sudden movement made him defensive and without thinking, a blue blast appeared from his hands, flew toward the wall and made part of his antique castle chisel.
It was nothing but an innocent rat, scattering about for food that it wouldn't find today, or ever again. Svendrall's nasals burned as the air escaping his lungs flared from the rising anger he couldn't control. Scanning the room was almost impossible, if there was something hiding here, it would not make itself visible anytime soon.
"I'm tired of these games! Show yourself!"
Frustration was growing, and he spun rapidly, his eyes sharply searching the dark room. Another breeze blew past him from the opposite direction this time, and it seemed to calm him. He was not about to be outwitted by an inexperienced wizard, and he would have her blood sooner then later.

He ordered half his guards to march around the perimeter of the giant castle, and not stop until this girl was captured and dead. The other half were to search every inch of the palace, and if she escaped neither the ones searching nor the ones marching would be safe. A tremble shivered down their spine as his words sliced their deepest fear. If not for the fact that working for Svendrall was the only way to support their dying families and that they were prisoners of war, many of them would have rather worked for a slave then him. As they scurried off to complete their orders, they heard companions fall behind them followed by a deep laughter and a threat.
"Notice what just happened…Notice it, and avoid it."

The enormous number of guards were now blocking every possible exit there was, and teleporting here would be just as dangerous as running out the castles main entrance in broad daylight. She sat quietly, her senses on full alert, while her mind ran through the possibilities at hand.
Surrender to Svendrall on her own account, reveal the secret, and be rewarded with life. Teleport to the furthest and most remote corner of the kingdom, be seen, and be hunted for the rest of her immortal life. Wait a couple days so the guards would lose their attention and try to run, escape on foot, and most likely be caught, abused and killed.
A smirk appeared as she crossed out the last option. There was no easy way out of this, and the possibility of the tyrant to reward her with life was miniature. Yet, she knew she was meant to die. Her life's destiny was to end in a brutal and dishonorable way. Hope abandoned her, stranding her in this lifeless situation in her time of need. She regretted acting foolishly, on instinct, and believing that by knowing the secret and being a danger to the defense she would then be the most valuable person in this pointless war, receiving gifts day in and day out to maintain the secret what it was, or to declare it. Now her, what seemed like a, heroic act showered her with death. To die young, life's worse punishment.
She stood, and realized there was only one way out of this. With regrets at hand, she held her head, closed her eyes for the last time, and spoke the inaudible words, her perfect pronunciation gone like her hopes and soon her life as her lips trembled and stumbled over every syllable of the death chant. She paused before speaking the last verse, inhaled, and recited them unwillingly.
Svendrall's overgrown arms caught her lifeless body in mid air. His entire body lit aflame in unison, his teeth bare, his eyes focused enough to cut through brick. Infuriated, the body slipped from his grip as he stood and screamed the strongest cast. His magic was fueled by his anger, able to reach around the entire fortress easily, killing anything that it touched. Not one soul was alive by the end of it, except Svendrall, the only being deprived from a soul.
This was going to end one way or another, but either way, he would dominate the new world, building it to his liking without interruption from any defense. He instantly realized without worry or panic, If he was going to get the information, he was going to have to get it himself.

Rumeria. Chapter Two.

Found the second chapter. Sorry about the grammer mistakes.


I was really bored and decided to write the second chapter. Its really short because I ran out of ideas and I wanted to build anticipation a tad. Naturally, Chapter 3 will be the longest yet. Enjoy.

Chapter Two:

The disappointment didn't make itself known until Ingrid was fully awake. The world swirled around her, and everything that had happened before the beautiful valley was long gone and forgotten. Her eyes adjusted to the difference in light, which made absolutely no sense to her. If it was only a dream, then why would her eyes need to adjust from bright to dark? This was all very disorienting.
A familiar voice broke her trance-like state.
"Ingrid…what just happened..?"
Unsure whether or not that was meant as a question or as part of an unfinished statement, Ingrid tried to locate where it was coming from. Her vision came and left rapidly, making her just all the more disoriented. Everything came into perspective the instant Ingrid lay eyes on Everline.
"Can you hear me? What just happened?"
Now it was a question, and Ingrid's mind was able to answer with the majority of the confusion now gone.
"…I don't know…What happened when I hit my-"
Everything flashed before her eyes, and Ingrid jumped to her feet, her military training returning from its unwanted vacation. Her body tensed, and every one of her muscles prepared themselves for a beating. Suddenly, the beautiful valley was a distant image, already seeming to have happened months ago. Everline took the same pose, crouching just a bit, the way they told beginners to do back at training camp. Ingrid was experienced enough to avoid the ridiculous crouch. What Everline didn't know yet about that pose was that you were not suppose to use it when in combat, it gave away that you were only a beginner. Yet, For her age and experience, Everline was extremely fierce and powerful. She was a natural.
"Why are you suddenly so keen on the idea of killing me?"
Everline's mouth barely moved as she spoke, yet she managed to enunciate every word precisely. A smirk flashed quicker then light across her small, fine face. Her eyes were focused on Ingrid's every movement, if she moved an inch, Everline was prepared to pounce, like any natural would. Unlike Everline, Speed came to Ingrid only after years of practicing, and here this youngling was, just as quick, or maybe even quicker then Ingrid, and for that, Ingrid was envious.
"You have got to be kidding. Don't play around, I know that you are not Everline…So the question stands…Who are you?"
Ingrid grimaced, and that sent Everline over the edge. Everything happened so quickly that it was a blur even to the well trained eyes of Ingrid. Within a fraction of a second, Everline had launched herself atop Ingrid, and her mouth was pulled back, as if Everline was going to swallow her whole. Both they're bodies trembled, but not from fear, but from burning rage. They're eyes dug into the others chest and tore them from the inside out.
Ingrid easily shook the light girl off her, managed to slip her onto her stomach, and pin her down all within a fraction of a second. What seemed like a yelp escaped from Everline's throat, and the next thing Ingrid knew, A bright green flash appeared, and she was kneeling on the rocky ground, her hands still pinning down something that wasn't there anymore, and every single one of her muscles tensed.
The secret was out. There was no Everline, there was no inexperienced young girl, there was nothing but a spy who had lived amongst the town silently, absorbing all the weaknesses and knowledge from their military. There was absolutely nothing but fear left…for "Everline" knew the one secret that Ingrid's forces could not afford to lose and had protected for eons…She know knew the truth that would surely demonlish what they had all been trained to protect for as long as time itself.

Rumeria. Chapter One.

I was reading my diary, when I found a section that mention the MySpace blogging I used to do way back then. Which made me log into MySpace (I know right) and I found out that I have 100 (!!) blogs written there. I found this story, re-read it, and thought, "Hey, that's pretty good." So maybe you've read it, or not, either way, if your bored you can have a read.

Her world had never been more confusing…What where these creatures, and why where they here? She detested the idea of her land being destroyed; Everyone had worked so hard to raise it, and now these things were going to ruin it all. No, she would do anything, and everything in her power to stop them, this was not acceptable.
Ingrid looked about, realizing that the creatures had already destroyed most of her hidden city. The monuments celebrating her victorious moments against evil had fallen, as if they never happened. The thought enraged her…so much hard work, so many lost lives, and all they had left to remember them by where those monuments, but now even they were gone and forgotten. Startled by a sudden cool freshness on her arm, she looked up…Rain? Thunder roared far away, barely noticeable from where she stood. This was impossible. Rumeria had been underground, hidden from the rest of the world for centuries. It hadn't felt, seen, or heard rain since then, so why now?
…There must be a break in the shield…That could only mean one thing…
"Ingrid! Ingrid! There you are! Everyone has been looking for you, the creatures broke through the stronghold barrier. The guards can't hold them off for much longer, we need you…now!"
Everline panted each word out, she had obviously been running for a good time now.
"…Everline, I can't." Ingrid stared into the distance, searching the horizon for something she knew she would never find.
"What? No, you can't say that! We need you, now! Come! Come!"
Ingrid pulled away from Everline's tugs, ignoring her complaints and requests. Nothing was going to move her from this spot, she had wondered so far, for so long, and now that she was so close, she was not about to move.
"INGRID! Come on!"
Screams and yells could be heard now. Whatever these creatures where, they were getting closer every minute.
"Seriously, come! Can't you hear? You're fellow companions are falling dead at your feet and your staring into nothing! Come and save them, you know you're the only one strong enough to withstand they're magic. You're force fields are no comparison to anyone else's! Please, Ingrid!" Everline was panicking.
"Calm yourself."
"Calm myself? I will do no such thing! People are dieing, Ingrid. You're friends are dieing!" "Everyone dies, Everline, sooner or later, what's the difference?"
Everline stopped and stared at Ingrid, she noticed that her eyes were long dead, and off in some other land, in some other time far away. It was no use, the creatures where at they're ankles now, surely they had already killed the guards and were invading the stronghold, eating and drinking every bit of Merdorian's potions. Becoming stronger with every swallow.
Both stared off into nothing, they're eyes searching the horizon for the one ray of hope that would never come. Suddenly the ground shook, Everline stumbled and fell on her knees, Ingrid stood perfectly poised, like a true definition of power and strength. Loved by hundreds, Loathed by millions, Ingrid ignored everything. Both criticism and compliments, it didn't matter to her. Another rumble, and the ground shook again.
"What could it be?" asked Everline, sitting on the ground, drawing in the ash covered sand with a broken twig. There was no response from Ingrid. She stood like a statue, her hair was the only thing that made you say she was a living human, and not a rock, as it gently danced and twirled in the wind like shinning rays of light, as dazzling as the gold the once standing monuments where made out of. Her power was not the only thing both men and women respected about Ingrid, as it was not as jaw dropping as her beauty and grace. She was slim, petite, but with just the right amount of curves. Her abs well chiseled and formed. Her arms, muscular, like a well-trained gymnast or swimmer, yet feminine. Her legs, strong, nothing jiggling or moving about as she strode with grace. When she walked, she seemed to be gliding along the ground, as if she were on ice. Ingrid was a head-turner, and desired by millions, even by the one person Ingrid was born and raised to hate…Svendrall.
Thunder broke the silence, Everline jumped to her feet and hesitantly looked around her, she had no idea what that sound was or where it came from. Ingrid laughed, easing the panic Everline felt.
"You've never heard thunder before, Everline?"
"…What's thunder?"
Ingrid broke from her trance and looked at the young, yet strong girl standing at her side. It was only now that Ingrid remember how much older she was. She had once lived above the ground, not hidden like a sewage rat, as she was now. Everline waited, her question unanswered. It wasn't that she had forgotten what rain was, it was that she was born underground, she was young and inexperienced, unlike Ingrid, who had seen everything, as rumors had it. The rumors weren't true though, Although Ingrid was hundreds of years old, she had not seen everything, which included Sunlight. When Ingrid lived above ground, volcanic eruptions had covered the sky in ash, masking sunlight, and converting every single minute of the day into night. It had been like that for thousands of years as the land tried to erase the past history of humans from existence. Undo all the evil and pain they had caused. Reversing time, back to the beginning and giving life one last chance. Time wasn't measured in minutes, hours, days, or even months. It was measured in years, and that was all. There was no "Afternoon" no "Morning" or "Evening."
Since light wasn't visible through the thick shield hovering above their heads, scientists didn't want to make everything more complicated. So they stuck with one single date "Day 1" as it was called.
There were no calendars, and no clocks to keep track of time, nothing but a single Herald. Passing through each town, announcing when another year had begun. Keeping track of how old you were was difficult, Ingrid had given up when she was around 267 years old. All she knew now was that she was well past 500. Everline, on the other hand, had been keeping track, and her promise to everyone was that she would keep track forever, which everyone doubted. Everline was known to be 70, a child in Ingrid's and the rest of the elder's eyes. Like every other female, her body had stopped aging at 20. Forever beautiful. Males where a bit different, they stopped aging at 40. Double the age, for double the importance. Which females found unfair.
"Hello, Ingrid?" Everline tugged on Ingrid's short, black, battle-torn skirt.
Not realizing she had slipped back into her trance, she shook her head and looked down at Everline.
"I asked what's thunder."
"Rain. It's part of rain."
"What's rain?"
"…What's water?"
Ingrid couldn't believe it. Everline knew so little. She was so naïve, and with every question she asked, the older Ingrid felt, although her appearance had cheated time.
"It's liquid, it was used to hydrate human bodies long ago, that's why we are injected at birth, to keep us forever hydrated, since there is no form of water down here…."
"Oh, yeah… I remember my mother telling about that."
"Then why do you ask now?" suspicion grew in the pit of Ingrid's stomach
There was silence, Everline had obviously made a mistake.
As Ingrid stepped backward, her eyes stayed focused on the seemly young, dark-haired girl sitting before her. Everline stood and walked toward Ingrid.
"Who are you?" Ingrid's voice was deep and ominous now. The kind that struck fear in the center of your heart.
"Ingrid, I'm Everline…What's wrong with you?"
"Your not Everline, Stay back."
As the two stepped in time, thunder roared across the sky, this time, right above them, shaking the ground. Ingrid lost her poise and fell backward. Just then a flash of light filled every inch around Ingrid. Everything disappeared, Ingrid felt warm, secure, and at that moment, she knew she wasn't underground anymore. Panic started to boil inside of her, but her constant military training gave her the ability to stay calm. As she stood and looked around, she noticed everything was a different color. No longer gray and black, but bright colors that stun your eyes a bit if you weren't used to them. What made the situation stranger then it was, was the fact that everything was…tangible.