Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rumeria. Chapter Two.

Found the second chapter. Sorry about the grammer mistakes.


I was really bored and decided to write the second chapter. Its really short because I ran out of ideas and I wanted to build anticipation a tad. Naturally, Chapter 3 will be the longest yet. Enjoy.

Chapter Two:

The disappointment didn't make itself known until Ingrid was fully awake. The world swirled around her, and everything that had happened before the beautiful valley was long gone and forgotten. Her eyes adjusted to the difference in light, which made absolutely no sense to her. If it was only a dream, then why would her eyes need to adjust from bright to dark? This was all very disorienting.
A familiar voice broke her trance-like state.
"Ingrid…what just happened..?"
Unsure whether or not that was meant as a question or as part of an unfinished statement, Ingrid tried to locate where it was coming from. Her vision came and left rapidly, making her just all the more disoriented. Everything came into perspective the instant Ingrid lay eyes on Everline.
"Can you hear me? What just happened?"
Now it was a question, and Ingrid's mind was able to answer with the majority of the confusion now gone.
"…I don't know…What happened when I hit my-"
Everything flashed before her eyes, and Ingrid jumped to her feet, her military training returning from its unwanted vacation. Her body tensed, and every one of her muscles prepared themselves for a beating. Suddenly, the beautiful valley was a distant image, already seeming to have happened months ago. Everline took the same pose, crouching just a bit, the way they told beginners to do back at training camp. Ingrid was experienced enough to avoid the ridiculous crouch. What Everline didn't know yet about that pose was that you were not suppose to use it when in combat, it gave away that you were only a beginner. Yet, For her age and experience, Everline was extremely fierce and powerful. She was a natural.
"Why are you suddenly so keen on the idea of killing me?"
Everline's mouth barely moved as she spoke, yet she managed to enunciate every word precisely. A smirk flashed quicker then light across her small, fine face. Her eyes were focused on Ingrid's every movement, if she moved an inch, Everline was prepared to pounce, like any natural would. Unlike Everline, Speed came to Ingrid only after years of practicing, and here this youngling was, just as quick, or maybe even quicker then Ingrid, and for that, Ingrid was envious.
"You have got to be kidding. Don't play around, I know that you are not Everline…So the question stands…Who are you?"
Ingrid grimaced, and that sent Everline over the edge. Everything happened so quickly that it was a blur even to the well trained eyes of Ingrid. Within a fraction of a second, Everline had launched herself atop Ingrid, and her mouth was pulled back, as if Everline was going to swallow her whole. Both they're bodies trembled, but not from fear, but from burning rage. They're eyes dug into the others chest and tore them from the inside out.
Ingrid easily shook the light girl off her, managed to slip her onto her stomach, and pin her down all within a fraction of a second. What seemed like a yelp escaped from Everline's throat, and the next thing Ingrid knew, A bright green flash appeared, and she was kneeling on the rocky ground, her hands still pinning down something that wasn't there anymore, and every single one of her muscles tensed.
The secret was out. There was no Everline, there was no inexperienced young girl, there was nothing but a spy who had lived amongst the town silently, absorbing all the weaknesses and knowledge from their military. There was absolutely nothing but fear left…for "Everline" knew the one secret that Ingrid's forces could not afford to lose and had protected for eons…She know knew the truth that would surely demonlish what they had all been trained to protect for as long as time itself.

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