Monday, July 30, 2012


I love you

This letter was written at 6 years ago when I was 13. Amazingly, I actually recieved it. So cute lmfaoo

Dear Future Version of Me,
Well....right now im typing this e-mail on july 31,2006. If you don\'t remember its probably cuz ur dumb. Im Marjorie and right now im 13. I AM writing this letter and I hope I get it in the future. It\'ll be cute? idk (i don\'t know). I want to REMEMBER Daniel John Maza (Male,16,been knowing him for 9 months now) I promised him I would never marry anyone and wait for him. I REALLY want to keep this promise. I love him. He\'s so sweet and gentle and I just love him. Im living in a tan-house with my mother, sister vicky, sister lindsay, brother-in-law jose, niece angeles, and nefue Junior (fransico juaquin salinas). I love this house and everyone in it. My mother is 51 right now and I love her SSOOO much! My mamita lela is living with us at the moment. I love her SSOO much too. This letter will be recieved 6 years from now. Please remember the promise you made to Daniel. U really want to keep it. No SEX UNTIL UR MARRIED TO HIM! I want to stay virgin until im married. I want D aniel to be the frist. :) I love him SO FUCKEN MUCH!! My life right now is ok. Im fat and weigh around 220 (last time I weighed myself) (like and year ago) (whatever) Im excited because my 15th b-day is coming next year! WO HO! U better have kept a video from it. I\'ll never do anything like this again and I hope i really DO get it in 6 years when Im 20. If I don\'t have any other reminder then I want this to be it. I have my own room in this house. oh the address is 313 Barclay Dr. Glendale heighs IL. 60139. If I ever want to visit the old thing. Right now theres a clear sky and clouds, and birds everywhere. I went to six flags yesturday and rode almost every roller coaster they had. It was such a blast! I love my life! at times I dont\' but I do right now. I have my period so I couldn\'t go swimming in six flags although I REALLY wanted to. DAMN. I gatta make some self-reminders, here they are:

2:No sex until ur married to him!
3:Go visit \'Indianna lakes national dunes\' sometime.
4:Go visit six flags sometime.
5:Make something of my life, at 20 it isn\'t late.
8:Always smile. Its famous around daniel and friends.
9: My friends are....Karen gutierrez(8 years now), Kassy and Gaby partida (twins,5 years now), Nadia Chumbipuma(1 year now),Holly torres(1 year now), Janet(juan\'s niece,3 years now)...those are just my best friends. I can\'t name all my friends cuz it would take forever.
10:My crushes have been......Jacob kline(7 years now),Brandt Zimmermann(2 years now), Daniel John Maza(8 months now),Steve brake(2 years now)....
11:Let kids (if i have any by 20) be free and don\'t punish them to hard if they do something worng, don\'t wanna be a bad mother.
12: let kids make their own desicions in life from 13 and up.
13: Have fun in life, not all business. Enjoy it while you get the chance.
14: Love Daniel forever.
15: Remember the singing group OBK. Its Daniel\'s favorite band.
15: Ur song with Daniel is \"Si esto no es amor-OBK\"
16: Live life.
17: Be careful.
18: Love every moment u get with a person u love.
20: Always SMILE! :D

Well.....I guess its time to say goodbye to my future me. I hope I remember this and all the promises and all the fun I had when I was 13 and under. I love my life and always will.....
Forever Daniel\'s Babe, Gloria Marjorie Sarti Martinez
P.S-Ur nickname to Daniel is \"Baybee boo boy\" or \"Boo\" or \"sweetheart\" or \"babe\". He calls U \"babe\" U love him and u always will...promsie me that, say it to the computer right now! say \"I do remember Daniel John Maza and I will not marry untill I marry him and have kids with him and he\'ll be the first one I have sex with and children, i swear I\'ll keep my promise and remember all my friends and the fun I had when I was 13 and under. I wont let my life go to waste and when I make a promise......I promsie to keep it\" \"I promise\".
Good bye Marjorie (age 20) GOOD LUCK IN LIFE!! :) Written at Mon Jul 31, 2006

I love you

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