Thursday, July 5, 2012

Selfish as hell.

I love you

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...Say "Hello!" To the new Fresco Chrome feeding chair. This is baby luxury at it's best. The price? Oh, just a small $650...Thankfully, it's being giving away by A-List Moms. For the past 30 minutes, I have been spamming this site since there is no rule about how many times you can enter. I've been abusing CAPS and smiley faces to attract the attention of whomever chooses the winner; but at the same time, I've been reading other comments along the way.

It surprises me that the majority of the people entering want this chair because "It would look so nice with their decor." Umm...Are you serious? I'm spamming the site because I sincerely need this chair. My son has not had a proper feeding chair since he was born except for an ugly hand-me-down that lasted him about 3 months then he outgrew it because it could no longer slide to open up the seat because of how old it was. Now I sit Elvis on the couch or the floor or a normal chair where he stands up and starts bouncing and forgets he is eating. God it's so annoying being a person on the cheap end of life and watching everyone else splurge on toys and clothes and decor for their children when the majority of the things my son has were already used by other people; and then coming across this site and reading that they want a $650 chair to make their probably already beautiful home better? Get out. How about giving it to someone that NEEDS it? They say that it can hold up to a 80 pound baby. that is like a 3 year old! Are you joking!? Do you have any idea how much of a blessing it would be to win a chair that would last that long, and be so safe and comfortable and inviting to a toddler? I would be thanking god for as long as I had the thing!

I can't get over how much I would love to win this. Really, winning ANYTHING at all would be amazing. Good things in our lives come few and very far apart. It just really annoyed me how selfish some people can be. "I want it because of the colors! They match my house!" You know what? My house is decorated with whatever is convinient. We have wood and glass mixed together, our bed sheets don't match our pillow cases. We have random colored plates in the kitchen. I don't care about how beautiful my little home can be, I care about having things that we need and that come cheap. Eventually we will have a beautiful home for our son and possibly other future children to grow up in, but for now, we make due with the things we have. Be serious, the most expensive thing in the house is our bed that was $400, lol.

Although, I will admit that if I won this chair, I would put it right where everyone can see it when they walk in. A shiny, beautiful feeding chair would take away the attention from our one love seat couch with a red blanket over it to give it a little spice....and to hide the stains from its previous owner. Yeah, it would be nice to win it to have SOMETHING people can be jealous of. For once, we would be asked, "Where did you get it? Its so nice." *sigh* but then again, there are more then 2,000 comments on the site already. My 10 comments are practically invisible to them. This chair is nothing but another dream.

I love you

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