Tuesday, January 8, 2013

....Beauty Unrecognized.

I love you

....I've decided that I will keep writing my personal feelings when I get them, but when I'm fine like now, I'll fill the space with stories or with news that make you open your eyes a little. Since around 50 of you read my posts, why not attempt to open 50 minds to something new...I'll probably lose a lot of you along the way, but that would be your decision.

I'd like to introduce you to Joshua Bell.

This man has to be one of the most well known violinists. He was also contacted by the Washington Post not long ago to do an experiment. Josh was to stand in the middle of a busy train station in D.C during rush hour to see how many would realize that this famous artist was playing one of the most complicated pieces ever written for free, when just a couple days earlier this man had sold out at a concert where the seats cost $100 each. Not even including that he was playing with a violin that cost more then 3 Million dollars. It was estimated that around 1,100 people rushed past him in the 45 minutes he stood there playing, and out of all of them, just a handful stopped to admire the beauty of his music. He managed to gather $35 but from people that just dropped the money into his case and kept walking.
Is that really being a good person? Walking by, dropping a dollar, and continue walking without noticing what they are doing?

Anyway, it's extremely sad how the world has priorities beyond stopping to realize the small things in life that could make your day a whole lot brighter. The washing post asked,
"If people are missing a famous violinist with an instrument costing more then 3 million dollars, what else are we missing out on?"
And let me tell you something, I don't know about you, but these kind of stories make me sit here and ponder for a while...what AM I missing? What have I missed with all this going on in my life lately? Have I underestimated someone that has been trying to help me? Have I just blown past something beautiful while out?
I hope I haven't, I'm usually pretty good at seeing the beauty in the world although I'm beyond depressed at the moment....

My hope for humanity is diminishing slowly...The nice, decent souls in this world are being murdered by all the hatred. There just doesn't seem to be time for kindness anymore. People are following their dreams more then before now because it's easier then ever to achieve them, what with all the different ways to go about it.
That is a wonderful thing...except that almost everyone has a dream of having more money....and not many are remembering to stop and look for love as well. I'm trying to hold on to that dream, the dream of finding my true love, but its slipping away from me day by day. The men I love and hold dear in my heart are ignoring me...The friends I care about are far from me...and everyone is giving me the cold shoulder despite the amount of pain I'm in. Love is starting to become an insignificant part of life...and for the ones that still believe in it....it's getting harder to find for us...so we are giving up...

Eventually...Love will be something of the past...TRUE love I mean. I don't want to live long enough to see that day come.

Think about it.

I love you

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