Sunday, January 13, 2013

.....World's End.

I love you

I'm at worlds end now.

Whatever that feeling was, its gone now, and it hurts. What I see on the other
end of my long road, beyond the veil of the fog in my eyes, seems warm;
a Shinning light so bright, so welcoming...I must go to it, It's calling me.

How can it be, that though I'm surrounded by darkness, I can see light? It must
be a trap, but I can't afford to let it slip away. It's beams give me releaf of
my ever aching soul. This light proves it - that this death is not the blissful
oblivion I used to dream's a nightmare I cannot wake up from.

There will be no more embraces to reassure me it's alright. No one to cheer me
on as I walk this long road. There seems to be nothing but liberating tears; my
road is more a stream then a pavement. I must swim...but I don't know how to.

I can hear muffled sounds in the distance. Quiet cheers sing in unison to a song
I do not recognize. They sound so content. Will my voice join them
someday?...I wish there was a living hand here to hold my icy fingers...This
landscape is cold and lonely; But no one will find me here.

It's too dark to see me.

I swallow a mouthful of pain; its the only warmth I feel in this icy hell. I focus,
and begin to take a step - but the pain clings to my chest...possessive, heavy,
swarming with a world of tears. I can hear my soul begin to cry. It's tears are
of diamons...too frozen to be shed in this place.

Someone please pull me.

My wings have taped to my body. I wish they had been cut off, I would be lighter than.
I wouldn't have objected it...there is nothing for me to fly towards anymore; and
I cannot remove the tape by myself. There is no point in struggling. My lips merely
quiver, but my prayer is much stronger than the breath I have lost.

I'm not ready...Not until-

The light disappeared. I'm now in complete darkness...
I took to long, and it went away..
I wonder when how long it will take this time to shine again.

I love you

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