Saturday, August 17, 2013

Short rant.

I love you

My store manager earned my completely respect today. This women was understaffed on a Saturday, with, tops, 5 workers outside of the kitchen that knew what they were doing and the rest being fairly new. Not only that, but being called every 5 minutes to the front counter cause the new girl kept charging people wrong and needed refunds...and to top it off, seeing what I heard was around $400 worth of oil spilled on her floor. All this without having any assistant managers on hand to help her.
Never have I seen this woman go completely mute.
I'm so used to hearing her irritating voice yelling at us constantly about random shit, that not hearing a single word today with all this going on frightened me a little.
My co-workers up front and I just kinda looked at each other and then at her, just watching her kind of stand above the oil, probably contemplating suicide. (At least that's what the expression on her face revealed.) I started feeling so bad about seeing her so low, that I began telling my colleagues to smile and be happy to brighten up the place, because honestly, I think we all felt her pain. She does, after all, call us her odd as that sounds, she has mentioned it more than once. Which saddens me a little and makes me wonder just how badly she wants children of her own.
It also just kinda makes me wonder why this women, who seemed so much fun outside of work at the picnic the other day, who is rather intelligent and confident, and who could easily snatch up a better, easier job than this crap, would deal with this. Why put yourself through this? This job isn't a career, it's a temporary thing while you find something better.
I'll keep this day in mind next time I'm being yelled at, and silently considering dipping my own head into the fryer.

What a day.

I love you

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