Saturday, September 28, 2013

...An Effervescent Life....

I love you

....Let me ask you a question that arouse whilst watching a film in Psychology class today:

Do you know how to walk down the street?

Now, let's be logical human beings for a second and ponder this simplistic question for just slightly longer then our normal 2 second, half-assed, evaluation of things. Why would I ask such a thing without having a deeper reason then just the obvious. No, I don't mean do you know how to WALK down a street. I meant, do you know how to REALLY walk down a street?
"Marjorie, stop it. Right foot, left foot, stay out of traffic and don't get hit by cars. Simple. Why?"
No moron. Re-evaluate the question.

Have you gone outside today? Have you even looked out the window? What did you see?
Did you notice the shimmer on certain individual grass blades from the morning dew? The muffled chirp of birds as they roam freely in the distance? Did you feel the breeze, and whether it added to the heat or supplied a random break from it? Did you hear the sound of your own footsteps? Feel the rhythm of your breathing change as you scurried past the intersection as the walking sign began to flash? Did you REALLY walk down the street?

More then likely, your one of those people that is so stuck on their phone that they blow right past all these beautiful things. So to answer the question for you, NO, you DON'T know how to walk down the street.

I found a picture online the other day that made me chuckle, and then slowly i began to see the truth behind it and pity filled my soul. Pity that our once vibrant, beautiful, intelligent communities are morphing into simplistic, mind-numbed, zombies.

I'd love to have a conversation with whomever took this picture and added the caption. They obviously have the same understanding about what has come to be known as a regular lifestyle. Look at the picture again, does that look good to you? It looks unnatural. They honestly do give off the impression of zombies because they are obviously brain-dead. Notice the vivacious world they are walking past? The vibrant color of the trees? The sky? What a gorgeous day it was on that specific day, but I bet all those people went home without a second thought about it.

Why has life come to this? It seems that the machines created to make our lives simple, are taking away our joy.
The mind is dying to learn. Whether you agree to that or not, it's a scientifically proven fact. Our brains are designed to constantly learn. To constantly change. We are always savoring new ideas, new facts, new lessons. We want to subconsciously create new neurological paths in our minds. Explore new worlds...but we have made life too easy. As a result we've gotten lazy. Think about it.

Now, this isn't what I wanted to address. I could go into a whole different rant about technology literally ruining evolution. (You think it's natural that our ancestors came up with the wheel, with electricity, with mobile cars, with computers because they had an EASY life?? No! The fact that life was a challenge back then begged for intelligence. Minds were active, always wondering how we could advance. Now what? Now that we reached a comforting level in technology, we slowed. Have you heard of any new inventions lately? Anything mind blowing and innovating?? No! Because we are brain-dead. Our minds have shut off because we haven't used them. We don't need to. We're not constantly faced with new challenges because life has become a luxury. I honestly would rather go experience life from the perspective of the poor in other countries and see how innovative they are. What they do to not only SURVIVE, but rather how they LIVE.)

I wanted to address the fact that we don't see beauty in our hectic lives enough. We don't breath in the fresh air nature is so kindly bathing us in each day. We don't see the way the flowers dance with each tiny gust of wind. We've stopped looking for shapes in the clouds, and certainly stopped wondering what it would feel like to lay on them. We don't love ourselves enough anymore to allow us these basic luxurious experiences. Life is so full of drama and worries that we drown in them. At home, we worry about the bills, about the kids, about our horrible jobs and how much we hate them. We focus on how UNHAPPY we claim to be...and that doesn't change when we leave to go outside. As we take a walk down the street to supposedly "Clear" our minds, we only shimmer in our worries some more, but this time without interruptions. Why? Why not allow your beautiful mind to relax for just those few moments to SEE the world around you. Give yourself a break.

Why did they choose red for a stop sign? Why has over time the color red come to be known as a "Bad" color? What would happen if we COULD lay on the clouds without falling through? What if we could dive to the furthest depths of the ocean and see what we have never been able to? There might be a city might be like Atlantis. Maybe there was a castle, like in The Little Mermaid. What if there is a thriving society down there? Let your mind have these thoughts. They are not ridiculous, they are fascinating. Don't be embarrassed to have them, it's within your own mind, no one will ever know. Take an actual walk down the street, and then realize that by the time you circle around back home, opening that doorway and stepping into that world of doubt and fear is nothing. Life is so much more beautiful when you allow it to be and it carries on further then just the outside world. When you look at life from the perspective you did when you were a child, you're so much happier and the problems you're currently facing become insignificant.

"How am I going to pay this bill?? I can't afford that." Instead, "Alright, I have this bill and it's not going away. Simple, I'll pick up more hours at work."
Be motivated. Don't dwell on how hard getting from point A to point B will be, focus on how wonderful point B is by itself and the journey will be nothing more then a few steps. Life is about perception. You see what you want to see and ignore what you choose to ignore. You learn what you allow yourself to learn and become numb to the things that hurt you. What we often forget is that WE are in charge of our minds. We forget how powerful we really are, to the point where if we have a condition such as OCD, we can literally tell our minds to stop and it will. We can be absolutely anything we want to be but what we lack is motivation. We know it's going to be lengthy, so we don't even try because we are creature of comfort and habit. We seek what we have grown to know.
"You want me to learn basketball?? Why the hell would I do that when I've mastered Golf??" Why the fuck not??
Our minds NEED to constantly learn. We need to be rather active within our own heads to avoid loss of cognitive ability as we grow older. Do you really want to be like those elderly people who don't even remember how to put on a shoe?? Is that your ultimate goal? Then why the hell are you letting yourself become a zombie???

We hear it over and over that we've grown numb to it, but it's true what they say:
Exercise, eat well, sleep well.
This is what our minds literally need to be at their best. If you want to take a nap around 3, go for it if your allotted the chance. Why not? Love yourself. Raise above this society and go out and face the world. Feed that natural explorer within you that we are all born with. Just because you have a family, or a stable job or attend school and claim to be "too busy" to take the time to do these things, doesn't mean you CAN'T. It means you have chosen NOT to. Of course you can, but again, you're seeking comfort and know that to explore energy is required and you don't want to give it. Fine, then stop complaining about how miserable you are. If you're not going to help yourself, I don't want to listen to your complaints. Every situation you're faced with, with the exclusion of death, or the loss of a limb, is fixable. You're never stuck, nothing is ever definitive, you just have chosen to make it that way.

I've learned to love myself, and in return, I've gained the love of others. When I walk outside, I SEE. I HEAR. I FEEL. I SMELL. I EXPERIENCE the world we have been so graciously allowed to live in. When I come home, I can face my problems knowing they are NOT permanent. Sure, it's hard now, but it's a challenge. Working harder to get out of debt, studying to chase my dream, being a great mother and a guide to my little man, it's all a challenge, but one I'm ANXIOUS about. Sure, I cry; I don't claim to be perfect. No one will ever be. I claim to be happy. I claim to be content with myself, and my hard life. I've chosen to experience my life and not just live it. I've chosen to be happy, therefore, I am.

I've become the master of my mind. If I want something, I'll get it. If I want to forget something, I will. I broke my habit of smoking, I broke my depression, I broke my fears of becoming older because I've changed my perspective. I've changed my thoughts to something beautiful and expandable. A year or two ago, I wanted to die. I attempted suicide countless times and there was nothing I looked forward to more then finally dying someday. Now? Now I want to live forever. Now I wish I could be a vampire just so I could live on. Now, I don't want to die, I want to LIVE. I want to LOVE. I want to GROW. I've taken control of my life, how about you start doing the same with yours? We are all getting quite tired of your complaints, including yourself. Do something about it. Stop being so laid back and freaking go out and experience life. Be someone, Be happy, but most importantly:

Learn to walk down the street.

I love you