Saturday, April 11, 2015

Whatever, Feminists.

I love you

...Life is funny sometimes...
Considering the fact that I used to be such a big reader of Cosmo but hadn't been able to pick up a new magazine until a week ago, only to find an article that really pissed me off instantly.
Let me go back a few steps before I dive into this ridiculous article by saying that up until recently, Feminism was no problem. It didn't hurt anyone, it didn't speak on behalf of the entire female race, but most importantly, we barely heard about it.
Appearantly, there has been a movement going on behind curtains that has allowed Feminism to really gain momentum and it's ending up smacking us in the face wherever we turn. Television, Radio, Magazines, Books, Social's become an infestation and I'm SICK of it!

There are a few simple rules that anyone who strongly believes in something has to follow in order for their opinion to be heard and/or liked:
1.) Stay within your damn circle. --No one likes hearing rants about something they don't care about, hence the reason why your group is YOUR group. Get out of our faces with your falsely opinionated crap.
2.) No amount of time will convince me to join it if I've already told you, "No."
--Seriously, this isn't rape. No means No. I don't want to hear more about it, I don't care how it originated, I don't give a crap. Hush it.
3.) If you must break rules 1&2 because your ignorant little heart enjoys ruining everyone's day, then DO NOT speak on behalf of whomever your opinion effects.
--In this case, it would be females. We're not all feminists, stop speaking for all of us. It's insulting to the women with actual brains.

If you break those three simple rules, you're in for a lot of hate mail and you may say you can handle it but trust me when I say that when a hoard of pissed off people start making your life won't be able to take it.
With that being said, Feminists, bar your windows and lock your doors because I'm coming for you.
You've gotten in my face one too many times for me to ignore anymore and I'm tired of being quiet about it.

With that being said, I'd like to talk about the article in question.
It's promptly titled,
Why Maternal Instincts Are Bullsh*t.
When it should have been titled,
"Look how far I can stick my head up my ass and still be able to live!"

Fuck Femi-nazis.

By the way, This here is Shula-ass Fireshit.

Let's break it down by paragraph, okay?
The article starts off with a bang.
"'Like shitting a pumpkin' is how feminist (and piece of shit) Shulamith Firestone once described childbirth. SHE HADN'T EXPERIENCED IT HERSELF but was referring to a friend's take on what labor was like."
How the fuck are you going to speak about childbirth when you, yourself, have never been through it? On top of that, your friend must have giving birth in the middle of the amazon rainforest for it to feel like she was shitting out a pumpkin because honestly, Elvis' birth was a piece of cake and that kid weighed nearly 10 pounds when he was born. It's called modern medicine, in case you Femi-craps haven't heard about it. With all the modern meds we have at our disposal, childbirth really isn't so painful anymore. I had my stomach cut in half and was back on my feet, taking care of my son the following day. I'm tired of people complaining that childbirth is painful. Unless you choose to do it natural with no meds, you shouldn't be talking just to get attention.
"It confirmed Firestone's view that childbearing was BARBARIC. Discomfort aside, her thinking was that women aren't going to achieve social equality until some technological alternative is invented to save us from being the only sex expected to go through it. If men were the ones forced to endure the ordeal, such a solution would have been devised ages ago."
I really hate the fact that Fireshit's mom over here wasn't as opinionated as her crappy daughter about childbearing. The world might have been spared from this abomination.
Furthermore, I don't understand what the royal fuck you Femi-Craps want. WOMEN HAVE SOCIAL EQUALITY, you dick heads. We've had it for a long time! We are able to vote, there are hundreds of self-made women millionaires, for fucks sake, we almost had a woman be our president. What more do you want? Women have just as many opportunities to become and have whatever career men have, it's just that those women complaining about not being given the same treatment and the same opportunities have their head too far up their ass to really go after what they want. What more equality could you possibly want? The only thing separating women from men now a days is the fact that they have a penis. Even then, women could walk into a damn clinic and get one surgically attached if they so wished.
On top of that, the fact that she says that if men where the ones dealing with the 'burden' of childbearing, they would have come up with an alternative long ago is a giant insult to the people she says she's standing up for. What are you saying, Fireshit? You think women can't come up with their own solution and you want the men to do it for us? Oh, I see, because you know...women can't think for themselves.
Fucking retard.

This article is pissing me off all over again, I can't continue re-writing it. She basically goes on to say that maternal instincts are, quote, "an invented concept." that rose when the industrial revolution had a new sexual division of labor negotiated. It was the one where men would go to work and women would stay at home with the children. After that, it just suddenly became instinct for future generations to expect that from one another.
What the holy hell has Fireshit been smoking is my question.
How she is able to come up with such ludicrous ideas is beyond me. I don't understand how someone could be that ignorant.
Does she not know that this is literally how it has been for generations? Since, oh damn, I don't know...the fucking cavemen? For god's sake, our bodies are DESIGNED for the purposes she just said we acquired during the industrial revolution. Women are by far more gentle, more caring, and more nurturing when it comes to children because our minds are wired that way. Yeah, of course there are always women that don't believe in having children and that's perfectly okay. We are all not the same. We may be designed anatomically to carry and birth children, but that doesn't mean our hearts are wired the same. We have different personalities and that's fine. Some of us want to work and focus on our careers, others want to be mothers. What's the harm in any of that? I don't know what traumatizing things Fireshit went through when she was younger, but damn, it ended up effecting us as well because we're here having her ignorant crap smeared all over our faces when we pick up a magazine to supposedly relax after a long day.

At this point in the article, I thought Fireshit was as lame as she could get but boy did she surprise me by continuing to say that basically, female orgasms are FAKE.
It's a good thing Fireshit is too much of a pain in the ass for anyone to want to be with because seriously, if she did have a partner, that's the biggest insult anyone can make. The worst part about it is that she generalizes the entire female race in her stupid little claim. Yes, our clits are placed a little ways from our vagina's but that does NOT mean that no woman can cum because let me tell you -from first hand experience- women can cum. A lot. All of our clits are placed at different distances from our vagina's. We aren't all made the same way. Some women cum with penetration, some cum with hand and oral, but all women do have the ability to cum and feel pleasure. Our clit itself has 30,000 nerve much more than what a man has in his penis...and she's complaining that we don't feel pleasure because the placement of our clits is one of nature's little jokes.

haha. The article ended with her saying that she can't stand when we normal woman say that what we go through is natural and that our bodies are beautiful with everything they do and are capable of. In all honesty, I hope Fireshit never gets the urge to have children because she doesn't deserve the love of a child after saying all that. What she deserves is a swift throat punch hard enough to maybe stop her breathing. I would be happy then because as Ariana Grande says, "I've got one less problem without you."

I feel like Fireshit would make a great weapon to hit other Femi-Craps with.
Oh the irony.


I love you