Thursday, December 24, 2015

Food for thought.

I love you

So, I haven't written in a while because there was nothing really to write about but lately I've come across a story that kind of stirred something in me and I felt like writing down my thoughts before I forgot them. This article is just as much for me as anyone who reads it because it is something that I am on the fence about still and don't really know where I stand with it.

Looong story short:
I was on Yahoo! checking my mail when I saw an article roll by saying that a 22 year old student had blown through her college fund left to her by her grandparents by shopping and going on trips. Now she has no money left and one year of college to finish up. She didn't want get a job at first because it was below her and she felt like this mess up was her parents fault because they didn't teach her "budgeting skills."
So she called this radio show called, "The bert show" and complained to them that she doesn't know what to do and that she didn't want to get a job and didn't want to go into a bank (literally, she didn't want to walk INTO the bank) to ask for a loan. They were harsh on her (well deserved) but basically told her to grow a pair and go get a loan and a job and get herself situated.
Over the course of a couple of weeks they check back with this girl and she keeps them updated on how she's doing. Ultimately, she gets a job at a hotel working 15 (15! and she doesn't like this.) hours a week and she gets mom and dad to co-sign on her loan...but, SURPRISE! Daddy bails her out. He gives her the 20,000 she needs to finish up her college without wanting it back on the condition she keeps the job...but if she doesn't that's cool too because she's still going to have the money.

Like I said at the beginning of this, I am not sure where I stand with this story because I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. The obvious thing I first thought was,
"What the actual fuck is wrong with this girl and her retarded parents?"
but then the radio host said something that really made me think. She said that people are basically mad because they are jealous of the fact that this girl was born into a rich family and has the fortunate luck to be in a situation where mom and dad can bail her out. She makes a point...a frustrating one, but a point. Why are we mad?
To begin with, even if we aren't jealous, why are we mad at this random girl whose probably using a fake name, and even uses a voice changer to keep her identity a secret? We literally know nothing about this girl and don't even know if this story was totally made up to get views and stuff because this has made this random radio station quite famous.

With all that said, why?
Why are people getting so worked up over this story when they don't even know what this girl sounds like? I was getting angry too, mind you, so I'm not speaking from a high horse here. I am simply just trying to analyze the psychological side of this thing. I'm wondering why strangers get mad at a single girl for the way she handles her own money and her own life?
On top of that, he radio host is right...99% of us would accept that help from our parents too if we were rich like that. Don't even try denying it because if you seriously are willing to say you would reject 20,000$ with no strings attached you are not only bullshitting me right now but you are also dumber than this chick.
She was wrong with how she handled the situation and yeah she has her head stuck up her ass but why the hell do you care? No, she doesn't represent the Millennial generation. She's just one person who fucked up royally and just happened to make it public by talking on a radio show. If you honestly think she does represent our generation (and I say our because I'm 23 years old myself.) than you are probably the one representing us badly.

The reason I said this post was as much for myself as for everyone else is because I ran into a similar situation a while back when I saw a news post about a picture a woman posted on Facebook showing the mountain (literally, mountain. This pile was half of the tree's height.) of presents she had gotten her kids for Christmas. People were sending her hate mail for it and telling her she was a horrible mother and that it was irresponsible to do that to her kids and that she was raising really spoiled brats...and I sat there looking at this and the comments and thinking to myself...why are people being like this? Why are they bagging on this woman for showering her kids in gifts? She is in a fortunate life and she's passing it on to her kids...who the hell cares? It says nothing about how she's raising them. It doesn't show anything other than she's a mother that loves her kids and wants them to have great holidays. Hell, I would do the exact same for my kids if I had the money. I'm not even going to deny that. I would because I know that I would also raise them to be responsible, loving, caring adults who will share their good fortune with others and not show it off. I know I'm a good mother and I know that had I that kind of money lying around, I would so totally make the holidays a spectacular thing. and I know that a bunch of you would too. What others do shouldn't concern us but when I heard this story, which is essentially the same thing (parents spoiling their kids) I got mad. Why did I defend the picture but get angry at this girl? It was stupid in both regards but I know see that it shouldn't matter to me and that if I was in that situation, I'd do the same damn thing.

Anyway, the point is, this girl is fortunate enough to have parents that bailed her out...but she also has parents that gave her a really hard time about it and made her think she was on her own forcing her to go look for a loan and get a job on her own. Did she learn her lesson? Who knows.
We shouldn't be angry and sending out angry calls and tweets and posts about this random stranger no one knows. We're just getting worked up for no reason because our anger and our words aren't going to change this girls life. She's probably always going to be like this and honestly...who the hell cares?

I think we should all take away the lesson here that we shouldn't be getting upset over a problem that isn't ours and we shouldn't be generalizing the entirety of a generation/race/religion/whatever because of the actions of a few.
We should also take away the lesson that parents will raise their kids however they want to raise them and we should just accept that fact. There are going to be dumb asses and dimwits everywhere you look, so why all the fuss?

To put it simply:

Yes I know it's ironic that I say mind your own business but make a whole blog about this. The point was to say that people get worked up and angry over something that doesn't affect them.

Oh, and just in case you can't mind your own bees wax, here is the link to the interview.

LINK: "By clicking this link because I admit I'm a nosy person. Also, this article was so well written that I just couldn't live with myself until checked it firsthand.
oh and Marjorie rules."

and yes, that entire sentence if the link to the show. Did you really think I wasn't going to do that? lol

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