Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Blue And Black

I love you

When I was younger, I never in my life imagined I would be okay with owning a gun and having it in my home.
Much less that I, myself, would carry one almost everywhere I went.
But that's how life is now...a world were you can't even go sit down and eat at a restaurant without being afraid that someone put broken glass shards in your meal simply because of the career you choose to follow.

(Or a world where your own flesh and blood sister was hell bent on putting you in jail to be able to steal your son from you. but that's a story for another day.)

If you use Facebook or watch the news, you'll be slammed almost every single day now about how a cop was killed or put in the hospital by a member of the Black Lives Matter community...but that's all you will see.
You won't see any riots, you won't see any protests, and you definitely won't see The President do or say anything about it. Why would you? It was just a cop that died. No one else was injured. Why should anyone create an uproar over a stupid pig?
No one should.
No one will.

But if it's a riot or a protest you are craving, just wait until a black criminal gets shot by a police officer.
You will have all the protest and uproar you will need to fill a lifetime.
Because #Blacklivesmatter correct?
Of course.
Why would I say otherwise? Simply SAYING I'm against BLM could put a target on my head because I'd be labeled a racist and an oppressor. So no, why in the world would I be against it? Of course Black Lives Matter.

Just not the black lives that think killing an officer is acceptable and funny.
Truth is, I used to say that #AllLivesMatter, but according to society, that is me being weak and avoiding the issue. It's me not picking a side to stand on and using a cheap cop out to not get involved.
Society wanted me to pick a side, so I did.

I choose to stand with the heroes.
The ones that put on an uncomfortable uniform every single day and kiss their own families and kids goodbye to go save others.
I choose to stand behind the people that put their lives on the line, even in todays world, to help others. Even if that means responding to a fake call and getting shot.
But the thing is, that my choosing to stand on the Blue side doesn't mean I'm in any way against the Black side.
I'm not racist, and I'm not for oppression. I simply have an opinion on an issue that is getting way out of hand. My opinion should not reflect on who I am as an entire person. I do not hate blacks. I do not think they are anything other than just other human beings.
The ones I DONT think are regular human beings, however, are the ones that go out there every day with the intent to harm another just because of their career. Just because their culture and society pushes them to and they obey like sheep. I don't respect anyone who laughs about the death of another innocent and doesn't even think twice about all the lives they just ruined. No, I don't care for those people. In fact, I down right hate them. But that doesn't mean they are all Black. They could be white, asian, hispanic. It doesn't matter. I hate people that think they have the power to choose who lives and dies without reason. Who make fake phone calls just to lure an officer to their death or who clog up the 911 line by calling to make threats on their officers. I can't stand those people.

Mostly because of how their stupid decisions even impact MY life and the life of everyone else just trying to live their life.

...When I was younger, I never imagined having a gun hanging off my hip at all times because I didn't feel safe even sitting down at a restaurant to eat anymore.

But that's what I'm forced to do now because of the life I choose to lead...because of the side I choose to stand on.
I am forced to carry a gun to protect not only myself, but my child, because of who I choose to love. Who I choose to support.
I can't speak my mind without worrying I'll get shot by someone. I can't let out how much it pains me to see innocent Police Officers getting shot while responding to a call because they wanted to save a life. Or how one ingested broken glass at a restaurant trying to enjoy a peaceful lunch simply because of his career choice.
I can't say anything because the moment I do, I'm Racist.
I'm an oppressor. I'm against "equality."
I choose to be oppressed by society and hated by my own "friends." because I won't stand with innocent lives being lost.
Because of my decision, I now have to worry every single day about the love of my life going off to work and thinking that might be the last time I see him. But will any one of these animals care? Will they care that if anything happens to him, so many lives will suffer too?
No. They don't think that way.
They don't realize that when someone dies, a lot of other people die with them.
They don't care about the lives they ruin. About the children left without a parent.

Don't come at me either with the line, "Oh, but that's the fear and thoughts blacks have had for centuries. Now you know how it feels."
Fuck off.

Being oppressed was when we were segregrated. When our children couldn't go to school because of their skin color. When slaves existed and were constantly killed for no reason.
If there were happening in today's society, OF COURSE I would stand with it. I would be out there rioting as well. Because that is an ACTUAL problem. a Legitimate reason to go ape shit. What is there to complain about now?

I'm sorry you statistically get more government help than any other race?
I'm sorry you have the most opportunities to go to college with a grant because of your skin color?
I'm sorry you even have the possibility to become president of the freaking United States.

What the hell is the BLM community even fighting for?
There is literally nothing they can't achieve if they fight for it. Nothing is out of reach. Except for a few extremist groups like the KKK and stuff, no one even looks at your skin color anymore. You have every single right everyone else has and yet you claim you are oppressed.

By who? The police?
Yeah, because you totally see Police Officers going out there and poisoning your food or inviting you over to hang out at their homes and randomly shoot you.

This isn't about race anymore.
Perhaps Black Lives Matter had a purpose in the past...but that is not longer the case.
It has become an excuse to act like a child and to kill people.
An excuse to victimize yourself.
An excuse for how poor you are and how horribly you live when you know damn well you could go out there and get a job and a better life if you fought for it.
But now, Black Lives Matter has just become a way of getting things delivered on a silver plater...

America has been left Black and Blue over this issue and we are on the brink of a civil war.
Yet, No one cares.

I love you